Introducing Carin

Carin helps you to reduce and eliminate your urine loss by establishing a regular motivated routine, focussed on your pelvic floor muscles.

Most women see results in 6 to 7 weeks.

The program involves doing 10 minutes of pelvic floor exercises every day with a weekly measuring day to assess how much you have leaked. During the program you will be able to see your progress in reducing the amount of leak.

What’s In The Carin Pack?

Stylish absorbent underwear (2 pairs)

Made from fast drying smart textiles, Carin underwear provides comfort and absorbency protection to help you manage your urine leak. With the sensor attached you can also see when and how much you leaked.

Discrete sensor

The Bluetooth sensor connects discretely inside your Carin underwear on your measuring day and continually measures your leakage, which is shown in the App.

Carin App (download needed)

The Carin App contains pelvic floor exercise videos to follow during the 7-week program to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and help eliminate urine loss. It also sends reminders to do your excercises and shows your leak reducing as your program progresses.

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