Oopsie Heroes

Oopsie Heroes is a simple bedwetting alarm for children. It combines an app with a tiny sensor that helps teach children to get to the toilet on time at night. Goodbye to wet beds!

Personalised Parent Voice Alarm
Sound Based
Track Progress & Set Goals
Motivating & Fun

“The Oopsie Heroes App was easy to install and use.”

“The app is so cool that even big brother Michael wants to help turn on and choose the alarm.”

“‘Nice app that certainly appeals to children! You can choose your “hero” and alarm sound yourself.”

“We have been using the alarm for almost a week now. Our son has awoken dry twice already.”

“Surprised the alarm actually woke our son up. This was our biggest fear. Usually nothing wakes him up.”

“Packaging and device very clear and easy to use.”

“The alarm sounds are great.”

“We can go camping again without worries!”

“The package was small and easily fit into our mailbox. Discreet.”

The Sensor

The tiny sensor attaches to your child’s pj’s/underwear, with a very adhesive sticker.

When your child begins to wet themselves, the sensor detects the moisture. The sensor then emits a sound which is picked up by the Oopsie Heroes app and an alarm is activated from the phone/iPad.

The sensor records the time the alarm was activated and sends this to the Oopsie Heroes app.

Neither wifi or Bluetooth is used by the sensor.

Oopsie Heroes App

The Oopsie Heroes app automatically logs when your child is starting to wet the bed. Reviewing the timings may help you spot a pattern and understand when your child needs support to get to the toilet.

The app facilitates a Parent Voice alarm and enables you to track progress.

Dry Nights – Better Days!

​After being woken by the app, your child can make it to the toilet on time and finish urinating. Over time the alarm will teach your child to recognise these bladder signals and they will wake up on their own.

Your child should be free from night-time accidents within 6-12 weeks of using Oopsie Heroes.